Some resolutions

Although I clearly get excited about new ideas (daily blog journaling) and have a harder time following through (3 posts in a month), I still think it is good practice to write down personal goals and refer back to them if possible. Even if you don’t make huge strides, the only way to make small and meaningful changes is to be constantly reminded of your desire to make them.

Here are a few. I’ll certainly be back to read them, hopefully I’ll add a few more, and perhaps I’ll make some progress.

Drink a glass of milk with dinner each day (or before going out for dinner). Walk up the stairs at work. Replace ice cream with frozen yogurt at home.

Work more on engagement. Not the ring kind. I have been working in the last year or two on learning more about news, politics, the economy, in order to stay informed and make conscious decisions about what I believe. I think I’ve done a great job at that–particularly listening to podcasts has helped me learn a lot. But the next step is more reflection and more questioning on my part, then going out in search of the answers. Then, using the knowledge I gain to form opinions and talk them over with people. I hope that these opinions will be well thought out and fact-based enough that they won’t be immediately swayed by a convincing character of the opposite opinion, but I also want them to be flexible enough so that I am not blinded by them. I think this blog will be a good way to start working on that–an organized place where I can write about what I learn, then do my best to respond and collect more ideas on the same topics. After forming these opinions, hopefully next year my resolution will be something along the lines of joining an organization or group in order to act on these opinions and contribute to a cause or causes I believe in.

Work more on selflessness. Try and take a step back, look at things from one room over, and from another’s point of view. Don’t get swept up in my expectations or my idea of how things are supposed to go. Instead, try to make things go in a way that is best for everyone, not just myself. Not only will it have a better effect on the rest of the world and the other people in it, but I think it will make me a happier, more compassionate, and more generous person.


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